Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How to Delete Stubborn Files in Mac OS X

Have you ever tried to empty the Trash, only to get a message such as this?
The operation cannot be completed because the item "filename.blah" is in use.
( Stop ) ( Continue )
Obviously the first thing you should do is to verify that any application that might have opened that file is no longer accessing it. An easy way to do that is to quit any related applications. After doing so, try emptying the Trash again. Still no luck? Here's a tip that usually does the trick:
  1. Drag the offending file, folder, or application out of the Trash.
  2. Open the Terminal (found inside the Utilities folder, inside the Applications folder).
  3. Type "rm -r " (without quotation marks, and with a space after the last r) and then drag the stubborn file, folder, or app onto the Terminal window. This will add the full path into the Terminal window. Click on the Terminal window to make sure that it's in front, and then press either the Return or Enter key on the keyboard. Tah-dah! That should do it.
In some rare circumstances, it's possible that even the Terminal trick may not work. If all else fails, restart the computer and then try to empty the Trash again.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Correct Way to Spell "the JoshMeister"

People often misspell "the JoshMeister" or leave off the "the." Here are some rules to follow when writing my nickname:
  • The "the" in "the JoshMeister" is an integral article, meaning that it's always supposed to be there. My nickname should always be written as "the JoshMeister," never just "JoshMeister."
  • Also incorrect are "the Joshmeister" (lowercase m) and "the Josh Meister" (space between Josh and Meister).
  • The "the" should never be capitalized; "The JoshMeister" is incorrect. Even if my nickname is used at the beginning of a sentence, I prefer for the word "the" to not be capitalized. If that is unacceptable to you, you may wish to avoid starting sentences with my nickname.
  • If you ever want to abbreviate my nickname, you can write "tJM." The same capitalization rules apply to this abbreviation.
  • Pronouns are fine, of course. You can refer to me using words like "he," "him," "his," etc.
  • For clarity's sake, I should note that quotation marks are not part of my nickname.
  • Although my LOST blog's URL and related e-mail address contain the string "thelostmeister," I don't actually use that as a nickname. I apologize for any confusion this might cause. Please refer to me as the JoshMeister instead.
Here are some sample sentences that demonstrate proper usage: "I love the JoshMeister's podcasts. They're really cool. the JoshMeister writes some pretty awesome blog articles, too. I'm such a big fan of tJM that I'm going to add him on all my social networks."

So, in short, please refer to me as the JoshMeister. Thank you!

I'm the JoshMeister, and I approve this message.