Thursday, June 24, 2004

Moof! Clarus the Dogcow Lives (in Classic)

At work yesterday I was in the middle of a project involving a multiple-OS networking environment when I stumbled upon a cool Easter egg:

"Moof" is what Clarus the Dogcow says. Clarus is somewhat of an Apple developer mascot. As the Apple Turns tells the legendary tale* of a Clarus-modded iBook that received a smile of recognition from Apple founder/CEO Steve Jobs at a WWDC.

But I digress. I'm guessing that this little "Moof" Easter egg was being used by developers as a placeholder or something and was accidentally left in the Mac OS. It sure was fun to come across it, though!

Let me assure you that this is a real Easter egg, not something I made up; nor is there anything at all on the network named "Moof". Here are the circumstances involved so you can try to reproduce it on your own systems: Screenshot taken on Mac OS X 10.2.8 running a Classic app. This is a standard Save dialog in Navigation Services-enabled Mac OS 9 apps. The network volume is a shared folder on a Windows 2000 Server with AppleTalk sharing enabled.

*This article was updated March 11, 2013. Sadly, As the Apple Turns has been gone for many years and the AtAT article I referenced was never indexed by the Wayback Machine, but I did find an archived copy of the original "Clarus iBook" page which tells the full story. Also, the image of the Easter egg in this blog post had been broken for years, so I've replaced it with a higher-resolution PNG image (the original was a low-res GIF which was once hosted on the now-defunct


Teklady said...

HEY I'm LDS Too!!! We seem to be taking over! I live in Nebraska and am also a convert. I never had the opportunity to serve a mission though, wish I had. I'm too old, married, and manacled by children now. You're FUNNY! We seem to have a lot of the same interests! It's always ~shaweet~ to make new friends, so "post" me back and I'll check my msg's/websites/postings in a few days, after I've rested and recovered my sanity - again! =o)

Josh Long said...

Teklady: Waz up? Wow, someone actually found one of my blogs... and even submitted a comment! I don't know what to say... So how about, thanks! And hey, since you're LDS, you might also find my religion blog interesting. You'll find a link to it under the "THE JOSHMEISER'S WEBLOG" heading... if you look close enough.

So you're from Nebraska, eh? Isn't that like, tundra territory? Oh, wait, no, maybe I'm thinking of Alaska. Well, anyway, it's one of the "-aska" states. So that's cool. Or freezing cold. Whichever. I'm from Sunny Southern California™, and I'm accustomed to temperatures in the 80s-90s. Fahrenheit, mind you.