Tuesday, October 19, 2004

"Virus Free" Mac T-shirts!

Check out my brand-new t-shirt designs!

The first design reads "SMUG VIRUS FREE Mac USER" and on the second is "VIRUS FREE (i use a Mac.)"

Other shirt styles are available, as well as a "Smug" mug.

Now you can be stylish, teach others that the Mac is virus- and spyware-free and help them switch, all at the same time!

On sale now. Reasonable prices. Show the world you're proud to be a VIRUS FREE Mac user! (And until November 1, 2004, you can get $4 off the hoodie by entering coupon code CPSWEATSAL.)

Want to make your own products? It literally costs you nothing. No setup fees... no fees whatsoever. Just make some cool designs, upload them, and CafePress.com takes care of literally everything else.

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