Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm So Totally Social!

Lately I've been thinking about putting together a page with links to all my social networking profiles. Then when I started making the page, it occurred to me that I'm on a lot more than I thought, especially if you count sites like Flickr and Digg, which aren't specifically social network sites but allow you to designate "friends" and such.

So, anyway, here's where you can find links to a bunch of my social networking profiles:

My list currently includes Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Jaiku, Digg, Flickr, Ma.gnolia,, Orkut, and The Zune Social (uh, no, I don't own a Zune, but I had to create an account to submit my podcasts to the Zune podcast directory). Feel free to add me to your networks!

Update, 25 Dec 2007: Added Pownce and Slashdot.
Update, 14 Jan 2008: Added LinkedIn and YouTube.


Greg Hanson said...

Good idea on track all of your social networking gigs. Partly for your own good and partly for those that want to network with you.

Btw, how do you find the time to keep up with all of your blogs and sites? Do you have a day job?

Josh Long said...

Yes, I have a day job. =) Blogging and podcasting are hobbies that I enjoy, but trust me, there's no way they're going to pay any bills. I try not to spend too much time social networking, although I do find it interesting and occasionally kind of fun.